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likes 7% solutions (of tea)


watching: spn s6, hannibal s2, st:tos, pushing daisies s2

reading: shakespeare 24/7 tbh; ASOIAF

writing: idk, but chances are, it's porn.


this is like queue central rn but it's summer now& i only have a play to learn next week yay

im really quite dull but sometimes i make things and break hearts good times

you should totally drop me an ask about anything to help me procrastinate ty uwu

oh and shout out to david tennant for being the nicest person ever <33

★·.·´¯`·.·★ קคภ๔คร คгєภt ยรєlєรร ★·.·´¯`·.·★

Heroes are like stars; they are always around us doing what they do, but you see them at their brightest during a time of darkness


Bumble Bee / Honey Drop Necklace

Springtime brings out a vast amount of flying insects. Although commonly feared and despised, bees harvest a delicious treat from nature: honey. This necklace features three bees and a honey drop, hung on an antique bronze chain available in various lengths. Sold on Etsy.



❝ you’ll always be my favorite what-if.
—  six word story 


sherlock is the kind of person to drop something in a supermarket  and not pick it up and continue walking.


what mary says: it’s my wedding day!

what mary means: I WON, SHERLOCK

Back to Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes.


who is john. why is he locked. free him .

This is cleaner, more efficient.

And illegal.

A bit.


"i imagine john watson thinks love’s a mystery to me, not that i think about him thinking about it, or anything, uh, the chemistry’s incredibly simple and very destructive; i know we weren’t talking about it or anything but i just, you know, it’s funny that he probably thinks about it and i’m definitely not completely obsessed with him or anything, love is DESTRUCTIVE whats wrong with me i cant stop thinking about him i dont want to think about it; LOOK i don’t have emotions love is evil haha ha.  i win. ha H—  please help me i’m terrified by feelings"

— 1 of 1990 —  forward ⇢
Tiny Rock On